How To Seek Your Devine Revelation:

Pastor Paul began his sermon”KEEP IT REAL” by reviewing the history of Saint Patrick in honor of the holiday. He explained how Saint Patrick used to be an atheist, but one night the Lord came in a dream. God told him to escape the pirates and the Lord guided him to his freedom. Dark and demonic paganism confronted Saint Patrick upon his return. Even though it was dangerous for him to preach the word of God he continued to do so, he even went so far as to preach to the King. He preached the gospel in Ireland for another 60 years after that.


Next, Pastor comments on hypocrisy. Pastor Paul candidly states the past week has been quite difficult in the best way possible. Upon studying a book titled, “Beauty Will Save the World”, Pastor realizes how superficial Western Christianity has become. There has been a departure from the truth and the gospel. Even though Pastor Paul had been spending endless hours studying God’s word, he wasn’t spending any time with the Lord personally. Knowledge is power and can inform you, but knowledge cannot give you a revelation. Only spending time with God can give you a divine and fresh revelation.


We need words that have life. Hearing fresh revelation directly from the mouth of the Lord. Studying can then confirm what he’s been speaking to you. “Knowledge puffs up but love builds up. Facts and information never produce transformation.” and “Only time in his presence can make that happen in our lives.” Not only does the time in his presence matter, but also the depth at which we let God penetrate our lives is what matters. It is easy to host the Lord on a surface level, but at some point, we grow bored with the act and need to let God truly in. We need to dig through our shame, regret, low self- esteem, and pain. We can’t live like that anymore when letting God inside us.


Pastor Paul exclaims that he’s been doing such digging himself. He’s dealt with tears, and pain, but he says that “love requires a sacrifice of self.”We cannot stay the same forever. We must change. God calls to us on a deeper level than we have ever experienced, and we must scrape the dead parts of us away in order to rise to His level.


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